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Making the Leap From Entrepreneur to Leader of a Professionally Managed Business

Entrepreneur trying to avoid doing a face-plant in Asia

In order to be successful in her new role as professional manager and to ensure the future success of the company, the entrepreneur must surround herself with great managers who are skilled at executing agreed-upon deliverables on time and under budget. She has to be tough on evaluating staff and quick to root out any deadwood. If the people who once constituted the entrepreneur's de facto "C-level team" during the initial stages of the company can't handle the broadening scope of their positions, it's time to replace them. Shifting from a reactive to a systems-focused mindset Many entrepreneurs are accustomed to taking a spontaneous, gut-reaction approach to running a small business. They make decisions based on instinct, and deal with problems on an as-needed basis.
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France delays contentious overhaul of entrepreneur status

If you are a here. new company, rarely will you be able to solicit your software to a client directly they will usually come to you, or find you through someone else. Also, if you are selling software, you can expect your ideas to be quickly copied. If your competitor has better relationships with large clients who will use your software, dont expect to earn that client no matter how much cheaper or better your software is. With that in mind, forge strong relationships before you go forward.
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The issue - thrust into the spotlight this year by an online pressure group - is the latest headache for a government whose focus on squeezing more tax out of the business sector has drawn frequent accusations that it is stifling entrepreneurship. Pinel presented details of her bill at a cabinet meeting but said it would not be sent to parliament until January with a key clause - a lowered revenue threshold where the auto-entrepreneur scheme would cease to apply - still to be clarified. "The government's intent is not to eliminate the status but to correct it," she told a news conference. Under the scheme - which anybody can join and quit online with a few clicks - labour charges are paid only as earnings come in, rather than upfront as companies must do and business red tape is much lighter.
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